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Inspired by audiovisual design and the digital world
I'm Leander Thomas, Digital creative
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Inside the box

I'm Leander Thomas, 24yr old digital creative passionate about online communication and audiovisual design. Always seeking opportunities to produce great experiences through the creation of interactive projects, audiovisual products or other media where user experience is key.

Behind the box

Finished my bachelor in audiovisual arts as a student Communication & Multimedia Design at MAD-Faculty KHLim Genk (2012). Studied in Holland (Hogeschool Zuyd) and lived/studied in Finland during my Erasmus.

Let's burn the box

If you want to collaborate on crafting amazing experiences, you are very welcome to contact me below.


Work work work

Moodpic - Nokia

UI & UX design, projectmanagement


Webdesign & development


UI Design

MijnCité prototype

Interactive storytelling web application

Rehabilitation Game

Design and prototyping of a game for MS-patient rehabilitation


You can find more of my photography work at New Heights Facebook

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If you want to collaborate on crafting amazing experiences – you are very welcome to contact me.